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Advice from a former ME/CFS sufferer

There’s light at the end of the tunnel! The other day I chatted for about an hour with a family friend over in Australia who was diagnosed with ME/CFS after a bout of illness 23 years ago and, four years later, was no longer suffering! You read that right. Depending on how much you’ve heard/read […]

The UK refuses to condemn its horrifying colonial past

Earlier today Boris Johnson published a series of tweets reminding us that he is still a racist and supporter of the criminal British empire – if you needed any more evidence. Here is a brief commentary on his statements. Trigger warning: racism, racial violence, anti-semitism, war. There has been SO much going on lately that […]

Accessibility in Activism

Telling people to stop tweeting about political causes and translate their activism into direct action may seem like a good suggestion, but you might be spreading unintentionally ableist ideas. There is a good sentiment behind calls to more physical forms of protest, but bear in mind that these are not accessible to everyone. Here is […]


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